Oliver Wyman


Oliver Wyman is an international management consulting firm with a large focus on banking and financial services.





Org chart

Nick Studer
President & CEO

Nick Studer

Terry Stone
Managing Partner, Americas
Jacob Hook
Managing Partner, Asia Pacific
Ted Moynihan
Managing Partner & Global Head of Financial Services
Peter Reynolds
Partner & Head of Greater China
Ana Kreacic
Partner & Chief Knowledge Officer
Mathieu Vasseux
Practice Head, Financial Services, MEA
Nicky Dingemans
Chief Human Capital Officer
Jeremy Lim
Partner, Health & Life Sciences, Asia Pacific
Felix Iblher
Partner & EMEA Head of Digital Operations
Lindsey Naylor
Partner, Financial Services
Andrew Chien
Partner, Automotive
Ugur Koyluoglu
Partner & Vice Chairman, Financial Services Americas
Lisa Quest
Partner & Head of Public Sector UK&I
Gilles Roucolle
Partner & Co-Head of Europe
Claudio Lago De Lanzós
Partner & Head of South East Asia
Dan Jones
Ana Carla Abrão Costa
Partner, Finance & Risk, Public Policy
Pablo Haberer
Partner, Financial Services
Paul Calvey
Partner, Corporate & Institutional Banking
Saji Sam
Partner, Global Energy
Ibon Garcia Sanz
Partner, Retail & Business Banking Practice
Sean Kennedy
Partner & Head of Finance & Risk & Public Policy, Asia Pacific
Heiyab Tessema
Partner, Digital
Klaus Hoelzer
Partner & Head of Finance & Risk, EMEA
Sumati Sharma
Partner, Aviation
Adeel Kheiri
Partner, Health & Life Sciences
Vadim Kosin
Partner, Digital
Martin Schulte
Partner, Retail & Consumer Products
Daniela Peterhoff
Partner & Head of EMEA Corporate & Institutional Banking
Varun Ratta
Partner & Chemicals Lead
Francois Austin
Partner & Global Head, Energy
Dylan Walsh
Partner & Global Head, Corporate & Institutional Banking
Vivian Merker
Partner, Financial Service
Minoo Javanmardian
Partner, Health & Life Sciences
Chris DeBrusk
Partner, Digital & Corporate & Institutional Banking
Christian Edelmann
Partner & Co-Head of Europe
Andrea Federico
Partner & Co-Head of the Public Sector & Policy Practice, EMEA
Rafa Asensio
Partner & Global Head, Communications, Media & Technology
Thomas Fritz
Partner, Energy
Chip Greene
Partner, Education
Claudia Wang
Partner, Education
Pedro Oliveira
Partner & Head of India, Middle East & Africa
Saahil Malik
Partner, Communications, Media, Technology & Digital Practices
Beatriz Lacave
Partner, Strategy, M&A
Moe Kelley
Partner, Communication, Media & Technology
Amal Rajwani
Partner, Actuarial Services Consulting
Iris Herrmann
Partner, Energy & Natural Resources, Climate & Sustainability
Huw van Steenis
Vice-Chair & Partner
Paula McGlarry
General Counsel
Melissa Lam
Principal, Digital
Maite Dailleau
Principal, Communication, Media & Technology
Jessica Clempner
Principal, Financial Services
Katie Gunn
Principal, Communications, Media & Technology
Cornelia Neumann
Principal, Public Policy & Financial Services Practice
Shivani Shah
Principal, Health & Life Sciences
Jose Eibar
Sayli Chitre
Principal & Project Fellow, World Economic Forum
Sian Barlow
Global Lead for Digital Delivery
Sven-Olaf Vathje
Practice Head, Health & Life Sciences, Middle East & Africa
Carolyn Vo
Director & Head of Engineering
Pietro Castronovo
Head of Private Capital & Restructuring, IMEA
Stephanie Moench
Senior Manager