Oliver Wyman

Oliver Wyman is an international management consulting firm with a large focus on banking and financial services.





Org chart

Nick Studer
President & CEO
Terry Stone
Managing Partner, Americas
Jacob Hook
Managing Partner, Asia Pacific
Ted Moynihan
Managing Partner, Global Head of Financial Services
Peter Reynolds
Partner & Head of Greater China
Ana Kreacic
Partner and Chief Knowledge Officer
Mathieu Vasseux
Practice Head, Financial Services (MEA)
Nicky Dingemans
Chief Human Capital Officer
Jeremy Lim
Partner, Health & Life Sciences, Asia Pacific
Felix Iblher
Partner & EMEA Head of Digital Operations
Lindsey Naylor
Partner, Financial Services
Andrew Chien
Partner, Automotive
Ugur Koyluoglu
Partner & Vice Chairman, Financial Services Americas
Lisa Quest
Partner, Head of Public Sector UK&I
Gilles Roucolle
Partner, Co-Head Of Europe
Claudio Lago De Lanzós
Partner & Head of South East Asia
Christine Oumansour
Partner, Energy and Operations
Dan Jones
Ana Carla Abrão Costa
Partner, Finance & Risk, Public Policy
Pablo Haberer
Partner, Financial Services
Paul Calvey
Partner, Corporate & Institutional Banking
Wei Ying Cheah
Partner, Finance and Risk Practice
Chaitra Chandrasekhar
Partner, Financial Services and Public Sector
Ken Aso
Partner, Transportation and Services
Saji Sam
Partner, Global Energy
Ibon Garcia Sanz
Partner, Retail and Business Banking Practice
Laurent Guerry
Partner, Operations
Sean Kennedy
Partner, Head of Finance & Risk and Public Policy, Asia Pacific
Heiyab Tessema
Partner, Digital
Klaus Hoelzer
Partner, Head of Finance & Risk, EMEA
Sumati Sharma
Partner, Aviation
Adeel Kheiri
Partner, Health & Life Sciences
Vadim Kosin
Partner, Digital
Martin Schulte
Partner, Retail & Consumer Products
Daniela Peterhoff
Partner, Head of EMEA Corporate & Institutional Banking
Varun Ratta
Partner and Chemicals Lead
Francois Austin
Partner and Global Head, Energy
Dylan Walsh
Partner & Global Head, Corporate & Institutional Banking
Vivian Merker
Partner, Financial Service
Minoo Javanmardian
Partner, Health & Life Sciences
Heinz Pley
Partner, Energy
Chris DeBrusk
Partner, Digital & Corporate & Institutional Banking
Christian Edelmann
Partner, Co-Head of Europe
Andrea Federico
Partner & Co-Head of the Public Sector & Policy Practice, EMEA
Rafa Asensio
Partner & Global Head, Communications, Media & Technology
Thomas Fritz
Partner, Energy
Chip Greene
Partner, Education
Claudia Wang
Partner, Education
Pedro Oliveira
Partner, Head of India, Middle East & Africa
Saahil Malik
Partner, Communications, Media, and Technology & Digital practices
Beatriz Lacave
Partner, Strategy, M&A
Moe Kelley
Partner, Communication, Media, and Technology
Paula McGlarry
General Counsel
Melissa Lam
Principal, Digital
Maite Dailleau
Principal, Communication, Media, and Technology
Jessica Clempner
Principal, Financial Services
Katie Gunn
Principal, Communications, Media, and Technology
Cornelia Neumann
Principal, Public Policy and Financial Services practice
Junyan Boon
Shivani Shah
Principal, Health & Life Sciences
Sian Barlow
Global Lead For Digital Delivery
Sven-Olaf Vathje
Practice Head, Health & Life Sciences, Middle East and Africa
Carolyn Vo
Director, Head of Engineering
Eve Sun
Sayli Chitre
Principal and Project Fellow, World Economic Forum
Stephanie Moench
Senior Manager
Pietro Castronovo
Head of Private Capital & Restructuring, IMEA