Inter-American Development Bank

The Inter-American Development Bank is the largest source of development financing for Latin America and the Caribbean.




Org chart

Richard Martínez Alvarado
Vice President for Countries
Benigno López Benítez
Vice President for Sectors and Knowledge
Fernando Quevedo
GM - Central America, Haiti, Mexico, Panama & DR / Country Representative in Costa Rica
María Florencia Attademo-Hirt
General Manager, Country Department Southern Cone
Jean Michel Baudoin
Chief Information Officer and General Manager, Department of Information Technology
Rigoberto Ariel Yépez-García
Manager, Infrastructure and Energy Sector
Susana Cordeiro Guerra
Manager, Institutions for Development
Ferdinando Regalía
Manager, Social Sector
Lorena Rodríguez Bu
Manager, A.I., Knowledge, Innovation & Communication Sector
Nestor Roa
Chief Advisor
Elizabeth Dougherty
GM, Human Resources Department
Alan Kato
Executive Auditor
Tariq Alli
GM, Country Department Caribbean Group
Luiz Ros
Diego Murguiondo
General Manager, Budget and Administrative Services Department
Hugo R. Flórez Timorán
Manager, Office of Strategic Planning and Development Effectiveness
Laura Profeta
Chief, Office of Institutional Integrity
Federico Galizia
Chief Risk Officer
Irene Arias
Chief Executive Officer, IDB Lab
Rafael De La Cruz
Manager, Andean Country Group
Eric Parrado Herrera
Chief Economist and General Manager of the Research Department
Juan Pablo Bonilla
Manager, Climate Change and Sustainable Development Sector
Federico Basañes
Manager, Office of Outreach & Partnerships
Fabrizio Opertti
Manager, Integration and Trade Sector
Gustavo De Rosa
Vice President for Finance and Administration, Chief Financial Officer and General Manager of the Finance Department
John Scott
General Counsel and General Manager, Legal Department