National Public Radio is an American privately and publicly funded non-profit membership media organization based in Washington, DC.






Katherine Maher
President & CEO

Katherine Maher

Gina Garrubbo
President & CEO, NPM
Michael Smith
Chief Marketing Officer
Isabel Lara
Chief Communications Officer
Leora Hanser
Chief Development Officer
Elizabeth A. Allen
Chief Legal Officer
Keith Woods
Chief Diversity Officer
Daphne Kwon
CFO & Treasurer
Christopher Turpin
Chief of Staff
Laura Hogan
Chief of Staff to the Chief Content Officer
Edith Chapin
SVP of News, Editor in Chief, & Acting Chief Content Officer
Gemma Hooley
SVP, Member Partnership
Chris Nelson
SVP, Technology Operations
Nik Khilnani
SVP, Product & Audience Technology
Collin Campbell
SVP, Podcasting Strategy & Franchise Development
Stacey Foxwell
VP, Operations
Malik Abdullah
VP, Product
Keith Jenkins
VP, Visuals & Music Strategy
Laura Soto-Barra
VP, Research, Archives & Data Strategy
Eva Rodriguez
VP & Executive Editor
Meg Brennan
VP, Content Business Strategy & Operations
Marta McLellan Ross
VP, Government & External Affairs
Julie Parr
VP, Development
Yolanda Sangweni
VP, Programming & New Content Development
Adrienne Brown
VP, Development Operations & Services
Whitney M. Maddox
VP, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Darryl Walston
Senior Director, People Strategy