SBI, The Growth Advisory


SBI is a Go-to-Market Growth Advisory, offering collaborative consulting, go-to-market benchmarks and data, and advisory services forged from serving as strategic implementers who have owned and operated marketing and sales at some of the world's most successful growth companies.





Org chart

Michael Hoffman
Chief Executive Officer

Michael Hoffman

Scott Gruher
President & Managing Partner SBI
Tracy Edwards
Chief Technology Officer
Gregory Solomon
Chief Delivery Officer
Alicia Lee
Chief Consulting Officer
Nick Toman
Chief Strategy & Product Officer
Andrew Urteaga
Senior Partner
Eric Estrella
Senior Partner, PE & TMT Practice Leader
Tony Erickson
Senior Partner, TMT Practice Leader
Sean Burke
Chad Wittenborn
EVP of Talent
Rick Karlton
Senior Vice President
Amy Lummus
Svp, Marketing
Greg Steward 🤸♂️
Vp, Sales Training
Cliff Simon
VP, Rev Tech
Gabriel Mathews
VP, Private Equity
Mike Gardner
VP, Finance and Controller
Gregg Blatt
Managing Director
Norman Behar
Managing Director
Seamus Ruiz-Earle
Managing Director
Jeff Cordes
Senior Director of Professional Services
Adam Sheehan
Director & Team Lead, Advisory
Kevin Avery
Client Advisory Director
Ilana Guttmann
Director of Learning & Development
Maya White
Director of Client Success
Vivian Hou
Director, Product Management
Brein Jones
Senior Operations Manager
Sarah Pinns
Senior Manager of Operations
Brian Wheeler
Engagement Manager
Darin Barton
Engagement Manager
Justin Klapprodt
Engagement Manager
Kyle Shelato
Engagement Manager
Lorna Karaj
Engagement Manager
Ryan Chan
Engagement Manager
Tom Radler
Engagement Manager
Laurel Tanner
Account Executive
Brian Hanley
David Hecht
Client Executive
Alyssa Dicampli
Client Success Executive
Lady Montoya
Client Success Executive
Matthew Reich
Sammy Banh
Donovan Young
Grant Hefler
Bryan Kurey
Head of Research
Jocquelyn Plothow
Digital Marketing Specialist
Andrew Tasso
Executive Consultant
Dalvin Tejada
Systems Administrator
Davyd Tsioma
UX & UI Designer
Janine Ballaera
Executive Assistant
Junaid Maknojia
Full-Stack Engineer
Megan Cavalieri
Senior Associate, Product Management
Scott Hackett
Shannon Harrington
Executive Assistant
Zahal Aslami
Talent Specialist
Michael Henry
Executive Consultant
Matt Sill
Senior Consultant
Karen Gurrola
Senior Consultant
Ian Britton
Senior Consultant
Gordon Abbott
Senior Consultant
Chasta Bair
Senior Consultant
Humza Malik
Executive Consultant