University of Bristol


University of Bristol is educational institute to offers different courses to students, research projects, and jobs.





Org chart

Evelyn Welch
Vice-Chancellor & President

Evelyn Welch

Judith Squires
Provost & Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Barney Craggs
Chief Information Security Officer
Barra Mac Ruairi
Chief Property Officer
Claire Buchanan
Chief People Officer
Hannah Quinn
Chief of Staff
Peter Vermeulen
Chief Financial Officer
Philip Taylor
Pro Vice-Chancellor, Research & Enterprise
Tansy Jessop
Pro Vice-Chancellor, Education & Students
Robert Bickers
Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor, PGR
Marcus Munafo
Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor, Research Culture
Michele Barbour
Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor, Enterprise & Innovation
Alvin Birdi
Associate Pro Vice Chancellor, Education Innovation & Enhancement
Liang-Fong Wong
Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor, Internationalisation
Kate Miller
Head, Public Engagement
Dee Smart
Head, Public Engagement, Research
Stephen Gray
Head, Research Support
Simon Gamble
Head, Study Skills
Ola Drummond
Head, Global Lounge
Charlotte Verney
Head, Assessment
Michael Benson
Deputy Head, International Partnerships & Relations
Andrew Monk
Executive Director, Global Engagement
Mary Millard
Executive Director, Faculty Operations
Ed Fay
Director, Library Services & University Librarian
Stuart Johnson
Director, Careers & Skills
Chris Preist
University Academic Director, Sustainability
Caroline Baylon
Director, International
Kerry O'Shea
Director, Admissions
Gemma Stock
Deputy Director Student Life, Residential Services
Doug Jennings
Acting Director, Home, Recruitment & Conversion
Christy Cormac
Deputy Director, Marketing
Beverley Orr-Ewing
Deputy Director, International & Head, Global Opportunities
Sandra Jackson
Deputy Director, DARO, Strategy & Operations
Debra Hiom
Associate Director, Research Services
Robert Grimes
Assistant Director, DARO, Philanthropy
Toni Henderson
Assistant Director, DARO, Engagement
Joanna McGarry
Assistant Director, DARO, Marketing & Communications
Alicia Jago
Assistant Director, DARO, Fundraising & Stewardship
Lucinda Parr
Registrar & University Secretary
John Iredale
Special Advisor to the VC, Medical Research
Anrijs Abele
Research Associate
John Mcwilliams
Director, Civic Engagement
Ian Bond
Pro Vice-Chancellor & Executive Dean for the Faculty of Science & Engineering
Jeremy Tavaré
Pro Vice-Chancellor & Executive Dean for the Faculty of Health & Life Sciences
Esther Dermott
Pro Vice-Chancellor & Executive Dean for the Faculty of Arts, Law & Social Sciences
Stacey Downton
Head of IT Partnering, Research
Crispian Morris
Laptop Clinic Staff
Siobhan Horan
Admissions Manager
Rob Logan
Director, Procurement
Maria Serri
Finance & HR Systems Support Adviser
Camilla Beardsmore
Finance Analyst, Research
Chris Kerswell
Senior IT Support Specialist
Scott Abbott Paterson
Senior Lecturer