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Org chart

Alexandre L'heureux
President & CEO

Alexandre L'heureux

Marie-Claude Dumas
President & CEO, Canada
Ivy Kong
CEO, Asia
Mark Naysmith
CEO, UK, Middle East, India & South Africa
Peter Myers
CEO, Latin America & the Caribbean
Dean McGrail
CEO, Middle East
Greg Kane
CEO, Australia
Gino Poulin
Chief Information Officer
Megan Van Pelt
Global Chief Human Resources Officer
Philippe Fortier
Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary
Julianna Fox
Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer
Sandy Vassiadis
Chief Communications Officer
Chadi Habib
Chief Technology Officer & Head of Business Solutions
Marc Chabot
Chief Global Clients Officer
Joseph Sczurko
President, USA
Jazz Pabla
Chief Innovation Officer
Peter Hatcher
EVP, Western Canada & Territories
Olivier Joyal
EVP, Client Program & ESG Leader
Marc Rivard
Global SVP, Operational Performance 
Renée Sauriol
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
Ian Blair
Managing Director, New Zealand
André-Martin Bouchard
Global Director, Environment & Resources
Tom Smith
Global Director, Property & Buildings
Kevin Beauchamp
Global Director, Mining
Eric Peissel
Global Director, Transport and Infrastructure
François Lemay
Sector Leader, Property & Buildings
Amir Abd El Halim
Regional Leader, Ontario & the Atlantics
Rehan Wasti
Sector Leader, Energy, Resources & Industry
Corina Moore
Sector Leader, Transportation & Infrastructure
Corey McNair
Sector Leader, Earth & Environment