Altera Infrastructure

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Altera Infrastructure is a leading global energy infrastructure services group primarily focused on the ownership and operation of critical infrastructure assets in offshore oil regions of the North Sea, Brazil and the East Coast of Canada.





Ingvild Sæther
President & CEO

Ingvild Sæther

Duncan Donaldson
General Counsel
Chris Brett
Paul Mulder
CEO, ALP Maritime Services B.V.
Idar Hillersøy
President, Altera Shuttle & Storage
Madelene Stolpe
SVP, Business Improvement
Mark Mitchell
Vice President & Company Secretary
Tor Syverud
EVP, Altera New Ventures
Karina Albuquerque
Head Of HR Brazil
Matthew Button
Chief Officer/senior DPO
Lesley Coben
Chief Compliance Officer And VP Sustainability
Martin King
Chief Legal Counsel
Eva Kristensen
Senior Vice President Commercial, Business Development & Supply Chain
Edward Szymlowski
Chief Engineer
Greg Strandberg
Chief Engineer
Hugo Skjegstad
Chief Engineer
Mark White
Chief Engineer
Peter Brask
Chief Engineer
Rafał Gniduła
Chief Engineer
Terry Jenkins
Chief Engineer
Trond Farstad
Chief Engineer
Konstantin Ivanov
Chief Officer
Pawel Prawda
Chief Officer At Altera Infrastructure
Johanne Koll-Hansen Bø
Vice President Head Of CCS
Per Kjetil P.
Lead Electro/instrument