CALA Homes


CALA Homes is a large British housebuilding company headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland.





Org chart

Kevin Whitaker

Jen Wylie
General Counsel
Neil Stoddart
Group Finance Director
Brian Johnson
Group Development Director
Louise Poole
Group People Director
Emma Johnson
Head of Legal
Andrew Wagstaff
Regional Chair, England
Rupert Woodcock
Head Of Technical
Stuart Gove
Head Of Infrastructure
Tim Whitworth McIob Mapm
Head Of Technical Developer
Steve Rule McIat
Group Design Technical Director
Alison Deakin
Sales And Marketing Director
Allan Walker
Director Of Sales Transformation
Eric Strachan
Group Commercial Director
Fraser Carr
Sales Marketing Director
James Dawkins
Commercial Director
Lee Hawkins
Commercial Director
Philip Hogg
Sales And Marketing Director
Sarah Stanger
Sales And Marketing Director
Tom Hardy
Commercial Director
Scott McLennan
Head Of Financial Accounting
Cmgr Fcmi Karl Petre Imba Cmiosh, Assoc Cipd
Head Of Health Safety And Environment
Brenda Gilmartin
Head Of Customer Service CALA East Limited
Laura Childs
Head Of Customer Service
Stuart Moggach
Head Of Customer Service At CALA Homes North Ltd
Michael O'Donnelly
Head Of Change Strategy
Dani Coppinger
Head Of External Communications
Elizabeth Howe
Sales Development Manager
Emma Harper
Sales Manager
Gemma Beaumont
Development Sales Manager
Judyta Windsor
Sales Manager
Katie Hunter
Sales Manager