Department of Labor


The Department of Labor administers a variety of federal labor laws to guarantee workers' rights to fair, safe, and healthy working conditions, including minimum hourly wage and overtime pay, protection against employment discrimination, and unemployment insurance.





Org chart

Julie A. Su
Acting Secretary of Labor

Julie A. Su

Alaysia Black Hackett
Chief Diversity & Equity Officer
Scott Gibbons
Chief Data Officer
Alix Gould-Werth
Chief Evaluation Officer
Allison Zelman
Chief of Staff, Office of the Secretary
Susan Harthill
Chief Judge & Chairman, Administrative Review Board
Romeo Wright
Chief of Staff, OIG
Ana Hageage
Chief of Staff, ETA
Alec Koromilas
Chief Judge & Chair, ECAB
Daniel T. Gresh
Chief Judge & Chairman
Eric S. Angel
Chief of Staff
Katy Rowley
Chief of Staff
Karla Langham
Chief of Staff
Emily Hargrove
Chief of Staff
Kevin Brown
Deputy Chief Financial Officer
Katherine Eyster
Chief of Staff
José Javier Rodríguez
Assistant Secretary
Nikki Mckinney
Associate Deputy Secretary
M. Patricia Smith
Senior Counselor to the Secretary
Joseph Shantz
Senior Counselor to the Secretary
Betty Hung
Senior Counselor to the Secretary
Elizabeth Liz Watson
Assistant Secretary, OCIA
Jennifer Sheehy
Deputy Assistant Secretary, ODEP
Larry D. Turner
Inspector General
Jeffrey Freund
Director, OLMS
Christopher Godfrey
Director, OWCP
Gordon Hartogensis
Director, PBGC
Albert Herrera
Director, Office Regulatory & Programmatic Policy
Wendy Chun-Hoon
Director, DB
Gayle Goldin
Deputy Director, Women's Bureau
Jessica Looman
Administrator, Wage & Hour Division
William Bill Wiatrowski
Commissioner, BLS
Erika McEntarfer
Commissioner, Bureau of Labor Statistics
William Bill Wiatrowski
Deputy Commissioner, BLS
Ali Khawar
Acting Assistant Secretary & Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, EBSA
Diana Boesch
Chief of Staff
Patricia W. Silvey
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Operations
Thea Lee
Deputy Undersecretary, Bureau of International Labor Affairs
Amanda Edens
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Labor for Occupational Safety & Health
Seema Nanda
Solicitor, Labor
Laura P. Watson
Deputy Assistant Secretary
Lenita Jacobs-Simmons
Deputy Assistant Secretary
Carolyn Angus-Hornbuckle
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy, OASAM
Luiz A. Santos
Deputy Inspector General, OIG
Jesse Lawder
Deputy Assistant Secretary, OPA
Mike Trupo
Deputy Assistant Secretary, OPA
S. Marisela Douglass
Director, Office of Compliance Initiatives
Brent Parton
Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Employment & Training Administration, ETA
Laura Dawkins
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Policy
Alexander Hertel-Fernandez
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Research & Evaluation
Lisa M. Gomez
Assistant Secretary
Michele Hodge
Deputy Director, OFCCP
Teresa Acuña
Deputy Director, Good Jobs Initiative
Geoffrey Kenyon
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Budget & Performance
Julie E. Aaronson
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy
Andria Oliver
Associate Assistant Secretary for Budget & Appropriations
Sarah Jane Glynn
Chief Economist
Pierce Blue
Senior Counselor