Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) supports citizens and emergency personnel to build, sustain, and improve the nations capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate all hazards.





Org chart

Deanne Criswell

Deanne Criswell

Alexandra Travis
Chief Administrative Officer
Tami Franklin
Chief Security Officer
Bobby McCane
Chief Procurement Officer
Paige Hinkle-Bowles
Chief Component Human Capital Officer
Michael Coen
Chief of Staff
Adrian Sevier
Chief Counsel
Charles R. Armstrong
Chief Information Officer
Josh Bornstein
Chief Security Officer
Jason Arnold
Deputy Chief for Strategic Services
Kim Kadesch
Director, Office of the National Capital Region Coordination
Lauren Kaufer
Director, Office of Professional Responsibility
James Smith
Director, DHS Center for Faith & Opportunity Initiatives
Justin Knighten
Director, External Affairs
Marcus Coleman
Director, DHS Center for Faith-Based & Neighborhood Partnerships
Frank Matranga
Director, Public Assistance Division
Pamela Williams
Assistant Administrator, Grant Programs Directorate
Antwane Johnson
Director, Integrated Public Alert & Warning Systems
Sherman Gillums
Director, Disability Integration & Coordination
Jaclyn Rothenberg
Director, Public Affairs & Planning
David Gudinas
Director, National Exercises & Technological Hazards Division
Gerilee Bennett
Acting Director, Hazard Mitigation Assistance
Lori Ehrlich
Region 1 Administrator
David Warrington
Region 2 Administrator
MaryAnn E. Tierney
Region 3 Administrator
Michael Chesney
Region 5 Deputy Administrator
Tony Robinson
Region 6 Administrator
Andrea Spillars
Region 7 Administrator
Nancy Dragani
Region 8 Administrator
Robert J. Fenton
Region 9 Administrator
Willie G. Nunn
Region 10 Administrator
Lori Moore-Merrell
U.S. Fire Administrator
Colt Hagmaier
Assistant Administrator, Recovery
Anne Bink
Associate Administrator, Office of Response & Recovery
Robert Sullivan
Deputy Assistant Administrator
Paul Judson
Deputy Assistant Administrator
Robert P. Ashe
Deputy Administrator Acting, Region 4
Jeffrey Stern
Superintendent, Emergency Management Institute
Kelbie Kennedy
National Tribal Affairs Advocate
Cynthia Spishak
Associate Administrator
David Samaniego
Assistant Administrator, Field Leadership Directorate
Angela Gladwell
Director, Hermit’s Peak & Calf Canyon Claims Office
Thom Layou
Assistant Administrator, Budget
Robert A. Farmer
Acting Deputy Assistant Administrator
Veronica M. Glass
Director, DHS Continuity Division
Kevin Werner
Acting Deputy Associate Administrator, Risk Management
Malia Collins
Acting Deputy Director, Intelligence & Threat Analysis
Jarrett W. Devine
Acting Region 1 Deputy Administrator
Elizabeth Asche
Deputy Director, Individual Assistance
Derrick Hiebert
Assistant Administrator, Mitigation
Stephanie Dobitsch
Assistant Administrator, National Preparedness Directorate