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Jeffrey Kitching
Executive Director

Jeffrey Kitching

Richard Carmelich III
Chief Operations Officer
Tracey Lay
Chief Talent & Development Officer
Abby Peklo
Director of Grants & Special Programs
Becky Tyrrell
Director of Food Service
Bruni Edwards
Director of Birth to Three
Carmella Galipault
Director of Head Start & Early Head Start
Jaren Havell
Director of Technology
Jennifer Douglas
Director of ACCESS, Danbury
Jonathan P. Costa
Assistant Executive Director
Kevin Glass
Director of Center for Program Research & Evaluation
Matt Mervis
Director of Skills21 at EdAdvance
Mia Toimil
Director of Finance
Michelle Anderson
Director of Early Childhood & Family Programs
Mike LoRusso
Director of Transportation
Rose Forzano
Director of Human Resources
Susan Domanico
Director of Adult Education
Sarah Moran
Department Director of BASES
Laura Miller
Director of ACCESS, Bethel
Tim Noel
Director of Facilities
Scott Rossignol
Director of PLA
Annette Miserez-Dillon
Director of Special Education Programs & Services
Brett Fiore
Director of Steps
Devonna Dionne
Director of Marketing & Communications
Rich Reynolds
Director, WorkspaceCT
Elizabeth Radday
Director of School Services
Jody Minotti
Director of Student Services