Federal Bureau of Investigation


The Federal Bureau of Investigation is the domestic intelligence and security service of the United States, and its principal federal law enforcement agency.





Org chart

Christopher Wray

Paul M. Abbate
Deputy Director
Arlene A. Gaylord
Executive Assistant Director, Information & Technology Branch
Douglas A. Leff
Assistant Director, Inspection Division
Brian C. Turner
Associate Deputy Director
Larissa L. Knapp
Executive Assistant Director, National Security Branch
Jason A. Jones
General Counsel
Caroline Otto
Assistant Director, Resource Planning Office
Ryan T. Young
Executive Assistant Director
Michael A. Christman
Criminal Justice Information Services Division
Scott Mcmillion
Chief Diversity Officer
Peter Sursi
Section Chief
Cathy L. Milhoan
Assistant Director, Office of Public Affairs
Jonathan Lenzner
Chief of Staff
Timothy Langan
Counterterrorism Division
Mark J. Gerber
Assistant Director, Office of Internal Auditing
Johnnie Sharp
Assistant Director, IT Infrastructure Division
Antonio Santiago
Acting Director, Office of the Chief Information Officer
Christopher G. Dunham
Acting Director, Office of Congressional Affairs
Michael Glasheen
Director, Terrorist Screening Center
Douglas S. Beidler
Assistant Director, Security Division - HR Branch
Michael H. Schneider
Assistant Director, HR Division
Janeen Diguiseppi
Assistant Director, FBI Insider Threat Office
Robert J. Contee III
Assistant Director, Office of Partner Engagement
Shannon Parry
Assistant Director, Information Management Division
Michael D. Nordwall
Assistant Director, Criminal Investigative Division