Michael Selden

CEO & Co-Founder at Finless Foods

Michael Selden is the CEO and Co-Founder of Finless Foods. His background in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology has played a big role in him dedicating his life to climate justice and science advocacy. His research has spanned many fields - from solving food crises in Africa, to marine conservation in Southeast Asia.

Back in 2014, Michael was inspired by an article in the Atlantic that announced a crucial scientific development: the ability to synthesize horseshoe crab blood, a vital component within many lifesaving IVs and vaccines. Michael wondered, “If we can make horseshoe crab blood without horseshoe crabs, why can’t we make seafood without harvesting fish?” One night over beers with Brian Wyras, a friend from college who was working as a research technician at the time, the two fleshed out their ideas and laid the foundation for what would soon become the most innovative company in the field of cell-cultured seafood.

In 2017, Michael’s company Finless Foods created the first fish meat grown outside of a living fish to ever be consumed by a person. Eventually, Michael’s relentless passion and innovative vision attracted $3.5 million in seed funding, and even landed him a coveted spot on Forbes 30 Under 30 for social impact in 2021.

Beyond his dedication to creating a more sustainable future for our oceans, Michael finds a healthy work-life balance by cultivating his interests in music and audio engineering. He enjoys playing instruments like the bass guitar and drums, as well as a modular synthesizer that he built himself. In his spare time, he loves to read about the political economy as well as science fiction.


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