Lifetime Brands

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Lifetime Brands is a leading global provider of kitchenware, tableware and other products used in the home. The Company markets its products under well-known kitchenware brands, including Farberware®, KitchenAid®, Sabatier®, Amco Houseworks®, Chef'n®, Chicago™ Metallic, Copco®, Fred® & Friends, Houd... Read more





Robert B. Kay

Daniel Siegel
Laurence Winoker
EVP, Finance, Treasurer & CFO
Jacqueline Fagan
Vice President, HR
Jerry Glinnen
Director Of Vendor Compliance
Michael Nemeth
Director Of SOX Compliance & Internal Audit
Allison Hickey
Chief Marketing Officer,/divisional Sales Manager
Keith Cameron
Chief Marketing Officer
Jeff Zunick
Group President Home Decor And Frame Division
Bill Lazaroff
Executive Vice President: Product Development & Design
John Bloom
Vice President, Creative Services Director
Richard Jones
Trading Director
Ron Iarussi
SVP Logistics Controller
Donna Boyd
Vice President, FMO
Evan Bullen
Finance Director
George Rubich
Director Of Financial Planning And Analysis
Julie Rodriguez
Director Of Credit & Collection
Kristin Ross
Senior Vice President, Corporate Sales & Partnerships
Art McEnaney
VP Of Business Development
Elana Depaolo Fajardo
Vice President Of Business Development
James Gibian
Vice President Of Business Development
Jill Fusco-Albertelli
VP Of Business Development
Juan Espinoza
Vice President Of Operations
Patrice Phillips
Senior VP - Strategy & Analysis
Renee Bogart
Vice President Of Traffic And Assistant Vice President Of Operations
Scott Wit
Vice President Business Development
Sharon Nale
VP Business Development
Steven Neff
Vp, Digital Growth & Strategy
Megan Puente
Space Planning Manager
Caroline Silverman
Visual Merchandising And Display
Patricia Reilly
Visual Showroom Assistant
Jae Lim
Digital Creative Director
Mary Ann Bentley
Associate Creative Director