U.S. Coast Guard

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The U.S. Coast Guard safeguards the maritime interests of the United States and the environment around the world.





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Linda L. Fagan

Linda L. Fagan

Steven D. Poulin
Vice Commandant
Heath B. Jones
Master Chief Petty Officer
Joshua Buck
Chief Of Community Relations
Keirsten Current
Chief, Benefit Programs
Catherine Petruny
Chief Health Service
Joseph Perez
Chief Medical Officer
Craig Nowakowski
Lead Global Compliance Program Manager (health, Safety, & Security)
Michael Tarkington
Lead Paralegal And Mediator
Christie st. Clair
Chief, Internal Communications
Travis Fender
Chief Warrant Officer (cwo2)
Tim Manske
U.s. Cyber Command CNMF Task Force V: J5 Strategic Plans, Partnerships And Policy Director
Caroline Angelo
Lead Electrical Engineer, Ship Design Team (cg-459), Icebreaker Programs