Zeta Charter Schools

Located in New York, Zeta Schools builds and sustains high-performing schools that forge lifelong learners, problem solvers, and innovators. Their complementary social-emotional, mindfulness program emboldens their students with the skills to thrive inside and outside the classroom





Org chart

Emily A. Kim
Founder & CEO
Ana Collado
Principal, Zeta Inwood
Noreen Cooke Coleman
Principal, Zeta Bronx Tremont Park
Amenata Magiraga
Acting Principal, Zeta Bronx Mount Eden
Andrew Noe
Acting Principal, Zeta South Bronx
Paola Zalkind
MD of Schooling
Samreen Khan
MD, Operational & Financial Strategy
Jessica Sie
MD, Academics
Chris D’Amato
Director of Operational Excellence
Shea Reeder
Director of School Support & Leadership
Aileen Gray
Director of Strategic Impact