Bachem Holding AG is a Switzerland-based biochemical company that provides services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. The Company focuses on the process development and manufacturing of peptides and organic molecules as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), as well as on the deve... Read more





Thomas Meier

Thomas Meier

Anne-Kathrin Stoller
Chief Marketing Officer
Achim Plückebaum
Chief Information Officer
Martin E. Seiler
Site Manager & SVP at Bachem Vionnaz
Jackie Little
VP, CMC Compliance
Chris Mcgee
VP, Head Global Business Development
Luckner Ulysse
VP, Site Manager Torrance, Bachem Americas, Inc.
Christoph Erni
VP, Materials Management
Martin Kesselgruber
VP, Global Project Management
Simon Jermann
VP, Manufacturing Large Scale
Joachim Eigemeier
VP, Head of Global HSE & CAPEX
Jean - Marc Fellay
VP, Finance & HR
Pascal Degen
VP, Global Supply Chain Management
Boris Corpataux
VP, Head Global Strategic Alliances
Ann-Kristin Jenssen
VP, Quality Assurance - Bachem Americas, Inc.
Stefan Eissler
VP, Peptide Manufacturing Upstream
Divina Peralta
VP, Supply Chain Management, Bachem Americas, Inc.
Kimberley Miller
VP, HR - Bachem Americas
Michaela Freiberger
VP, Head Oligonucleotide Manufacturing
Upinder Singh
VP, Manufacturing At Vista, Bachem Americas, Inc.
Frank Dettner
Site Manager Torrance, Bachem Americas, Inc.
Iain Pritchard
Site Manager Bachem, UK Ltd, St. Helens