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Org chart

Amy Larfield
Chief Financial Officer
Carl Hartmann
Co-Founder & Chairman
Chris Connell
Chief Growth Officer
Gigi C.
Director Delivery And Operations
James Callianiotis
Non Executive Director
Rudy Crous
Co Founder CEO
Steve Walker
Tamara O'Sullivan
Chief People Officer
Hazel Walker
Senior Manager - Customer Success & Support
David Youngman
Manager of Customer Success & Support
Ben B.
Whitelabel Manager
Dennis Schall
Technical Lead
George Williams
Technical Lead
Viggy Chaowei Tao
Lead UI/UX Designer
Alexandra Houston
Senior Legal Counsel
Alainah Beck
Senior Inside Sales Executive
Daryl Ning
Senior Customer Success Specialist
Denise WALSH
Client Success Manager
Tom Blakelock
Help Desk Support Specialist
Anna Dickson
Group Product Manager
Erin Stoker
Product Manager
Manisha Bullen
Product Manager
Saskia Moon
Group Product Manager
Thien Phan
Product Manager
Adam Butler
Lead Developer
Changhong LIN
Full-stack Developer
πŸ˜€ Chris Howard
Intermediate Full Stack Web Developer
πŸ‘¨πŸ’» Cleriston B
Engineering Manager
Hoang Nguyen
Lead Fullstack Developer
Jason Galea
Principal Front-end Developer
Jason Rieusset
Unity Developer
Larlyn Cooper
Senior Software Developer
Mikhail Sutormin
Senior IT Systems Engineer
Mitch Harris
Principal Software Engineer
Moses Hamon
Frontend Developer
John Drew Showalter
Tech Lead / Lead Data Engineer
Trung LΓͺ
Senior DevOps Engineer
Sebastian Suckling
Full Stack Developer
Vivian Wan
Full Stack Developer
Carlos Dominguez
Software Engineer