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Human Rights Watch is one of the world’s leading independent organizations dedicated to defending and protecting human rights.





Kenneth Roth
Executive Director

Kenneth Roth

Wisla Heneghan
Deputy Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer
Tirana Hassan
Deputy Executive Director & Chief Programs Officer
Mei Fong
Chief Communications Officer
Bruno Stagno Ugarte
Chief Advocacy Officer
Valentina Rosa
Chief Development Officer
Colin Mincy
Chief People Officer
Lauren Camilli
General Counsel
Philippe Bolopion
Chief of Staff
Minjon Tholen
Global Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Emma Daly
Head of the Collaboratory
Sam Dubberley
Managing Director of the Digital Investigations Lab, Technology & Human Rights
James Ross
Legal and Policy Director
Walid Ayoub
Director of Information Technology
Alison Leal Parker
Managing Director, US Program
Arvind Ganesan
Director, Business and Human Rights
Bill Frelick
Director, Refugee and Migrant Rights Division
Elaine Pearson
Acting Asia Director
Graeme Reid
Director, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Rights Program
Hugh Williamson
Director, Europe and Central Asia Division
Joe Stork
Deputy Director, Middle East and North Africa Division
John Biaggi
Director, Human Rights Watch Film Festival
Joseph Saunders
Deputy Program Director
Kanae Doi
Japan Director
Lama Fakih
Director, Middle East and North Africa
Mausi Segun
Executive Director, Africa
Meenakshi Ganguly
South Asia Director
Michael Page
Deputy Director, Middle East and North Africa Division
Richard Dicker
Director, International Justice Program
Stacy Sullivan
Director, Communications
Stephen Goose
Executive Director, Arms Division
Tom Porteous
Deputy Program Director
Zama Neff
Executive Director, Children’s Rights Division
Maina Kiai
Director, Alliances and Partnerships Program
Sarah (Holewinski) Yager
Washington Director
Macarena Sáez
Executive Director, Women's Rights Division
Bénédicte Jeannerod
France Director
John Fisher
Geneva Director
Wenzel Michalski
Director, Germany
Param - Preet Singh
Deputy Director for Strategy & Collaboration, Office of the Chief Programs Officer
Maria Laura Canineu
Brazil Director, Americas Division
Abir Ghattas
Director, Information Security
Frederike Kaltheuner
Director for Technology & Human Rights
Yasmine Ahmed
Director, United Kingdom
Nicole Widdersheim
Deputy Washington Director