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TCW is a leading global asset management firm with a broad range of products across fixed income, equities, emerging markets and alternative investments. With more than four decades of investment experience, TCW today manages $253 billion in client assets. Through MetWest Funds, and TCW Funds, TCW m... Read more






Katie Koch
President & CEO

Katie Koch

Liz Kraninger
EVP & Global Co-COO
Jessica Kung
EVP & Chief Human Resources Officer
Manish Ghayalod
Group Managing Director & Global CTO
Gladys Xiques
Managing Director and Global Chief Compliance Officer
Stephen McDonald
EVP & Head, Middle East Group
Jack C. Lazzaro
SVP, Institutional Marketing
Kevin Carroll
SVP, Marketing, Equities, International, Alternatives & Mutual Fund Marketing
Michael J. Stevens
SVP, Private Client Group
Joseph A. Ciccione
SVP, Wealth Advisor Group
Mark A. Vasquez
SVP, Wealth Advisor Group
Evan W. Feagans
Managing Director, Equities
Jaewu Park
SVP, Asia
Anthony Cova
SVP, Europe
Hugh De Weijer
VP, International Marketing
Jeff Nolan
VP, Consultant Relations
Dylan Schneider
VP, Private Client Group
Thad Beller
AVP, Private Client Group
Sachi Yoshida
VP, Institutional Sales Officer, Japan
Kevin Mara
AVP, Wealth Advisor Group
Yota Osada
VP & Retail Sales Officer, Japan
Christopher H. Halajian
VP, TCW Private Credit
Brandon Wallach
VP, TCW Private Credit
Benjamin McArthur
VP, TCW Private Credit
George Winn
Managing Director and Head of Investment Operations
Penelope D. Foley
Group Managing Director, Emerging Markets
David I. Robbins
Group Managing Director, Emerging Markets
Alex Stanojevic
Group Managing Director, Emerging Markets
Laird Landmann
Group Managing Director
Patrick Moore
Group Managing Director and Head of Client Services
Michael P. Reilly
Group Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer, Equities & Director of Equity Research
Craig C. Blum
Group Managing Director, Equities
Richard T. Miller
Group Managing Director, Chief Investment Officer and Chairman of Investment Committee
Diane E. Jaffee
Group Managing Director, Relative Value Group and Lead Portfolio Manager
Bret R. Barker
Managing Director and Head of Global Rates
Jerry Cudzil
Group Managing Director
Steven J. Purdy
Managing Director and Head of Credit Research
Elizabeth J. Crawford
Managing Director and Head of Securitized Research
Joseph C. Carieri
Head, Marketing & Group Managing Director
Alex B. McCulloch
COO, Global Distribution & Group Managing Director
Thomas B. Nelson
Managing Director, Sub-Advisory & Retirement
Brian Scott
Managing Director, International Marketing
Keith C. Bewick
Managing Director, Institutional Marketing
Hakusei Ko
Managing Director & Head, Product Development
Tomohisa Yamaguchi
Managing Director & Head, Retail Sales, Japan
Jessie Zhang
Managing Director, Asia
Cag Guner
Managing Director, Sales & Marketing, UK
Jonathan M. Agresti
Managing Director, Marketing, Equities, International, Alternatives & Mutual Fund Marketing
Gian Luca Giurlani
Managing Director, Europe
Hiroshi Suwabe
Managing Director & Head, Institutional Sales, Japan
Alex Lennon-Smith
Managing Director, Sales & Marketing, UK
Carol Ellerbrock
Sales Associate, Private Client Group
Ruben Hovhannisyan
Managing Director & Associate Generalist Portfolio Manager
Jamie L. Patton
Managing Director & Co-Head of Global Rates
Jeff Byer
Managing Director, Head of Operations Strategy & Co-Head of Investment Operations
Will Jordan
Managing Director, Head of Equity Trading
Megan McClellan
Group Managing Director
Deep Singh
Wealth Advisor Group Associate
Palak Pathak
Managing Director
Brian G. Gelfand
Managing Director
Kenneth Toshima
Managing Director
Drew Sweeney
Managing Director
Tammy Karp
Managing Director
Melissa Stolfi
Group Managing Director & Global Co-COO
Jennifer Grancio
Head, Global Wealth & Group Managing Director
Eli Horton
Managing Director, Equities
Peter Van Gelderen
Managing Director & Co-Head, Global Securitize
Dylan Thai
Wealth Advisor Group Associate
Edgar Haroutunian
Wealth Advisor Group Associate
David Walters
Wealth Advisor Group Associa
Javier Santos
Wealth Advisor Group Associate