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Nacho de Marco
Chief Executive Officer

Nacho de Marco

Pablo Chamorro
Chief Revenue Officer
Paul Azorin
Chief Marketing Officer
Fernando Galano
Chief Strategy Officer
Rocio Belfiore
Chief Innovation Officer
Facundo Molina
Chief Business Development Officer
Agustin Coria
Chief of Staff
Edward Batten
EVP of Growth
Damian Scalerandi
SVP, Professional Services
Luis Paiva
SVP, People, Technology and Operations
Bob Leibholz
SVP, Business Development
Ezequiel Ruiz
VP of Talent Acquisition
Leala Dueno
VP of Client Services
Leonardo Pardo
Director of Continuous Improvement
Natalia Rodriguez
Director of Talent Acquisition
Kenny Chang
Chief Financial Officer
Saurabh Rao
VP Client Services
Guillermo Carreras
Head of Agile & Digital Transformation
Elsa Bouilhol
Head of Talent Efficiency
Diego Espada
VP of Delivery
Gabriela Galano
Director of Finance & Administration
Alejandro Vizcaino
Delivery Director
Melisa Cabrera
VP of Professional Services
Melissa Olander
AVP, Account Management
Guido Pappalepore
Director of Delivery
Andy Horvitz
SVP of Client Engagement
Sarah England
Chief of Staff, People, Technology & Operations
Fernando Davila
Head of Talent Operations