Channel 4


Channel 4 is a publicly-owned, commercially-funded public service broadcaster. Channel 4 works across television, film and digital media to deliver its public service remit, as outlined in the 2003 Communications Act and most recently the 2010 Digital Economy Act.





Org chart

Alex Mahon
Chief Executive

Alex Mahon

Ian Katz
Chief Content Officer
Zaid Al-Qassab
Chief Marketing Officer & I&D Director
Tim Regan
Chief Of Staff To The CCO
Emily Davidson
Head Of Policy And Public Affairs
Jane Glastonbury
Senior Manager Head Of Policy
Jeremy Kimberlin
Head Of Rights
Diana Izzard
Head Lawyer Commerical Compliance
Tiffany Turner
Head Of Legal And Busines Affairs NHQ
Matt Risley
Managing Director 4studio
Katie Jackson
Managing Director 4creative
Jamie Ward
Head Of Learning And Development
Lee Oxley
Head Of Workspace
Barry John
Head Of Sales Operations
Daniel Harris
Head Of Strategic Finance
Ewan Douglas
Head Of Sales N R And Business Development
Jamie Austin
Head Of Corporate Communications Campaigns
Naomi Logan
Office Manager PA To Head Of Sales Business Development
Paul McAvoy
Head Of Strategy
Tess Dinstl
Head Of Strategy
Wayne Charran
Head Of Data Architecture Technology Strategy
Martin Baker
Chief Commercial Affairs Officer
Verica Djurdjevic
Chief Revenue Officer
Andy B.
Chief Engineer
Brian B.
Chief Information Security Officer
Michael Terrell
Head Of Data Science
Martin Greenbank
Head Of Research Measurement
David Cameron
Chief Product Officer
Ed Chalmers
Head Of Trading
Melanie Morgan
Head Of Employee Experience
Jane English
Head Of Inclusion
Nicky Ivory-Chapman Fcipd
Head Of Talent Management
Caroline Stenning
EA To Zaid Al Qassab Chief Marketing Officer