Denver Scholarship Foundation

Denver Scholarship Foundation is a nonprofit organization that actively works inside DPS high schools and on a variety of college campuses to not only help DPS students get into and pay for college, but to ultimately graduate as well.





Org chart

Erin Henninger
Chief Development Officer
Renae Bellew
Senior Program Director
Olivia Omega
Senior Director, Marketing & Communications
Natasha Garfield
Director, Scholarships
Gabe Guindon
Director, College Access
Jessica Milnes
Director. Corporate Relations
Patricia Whitehouse
Director, Human Resources
Juliana Wierimaa
Director, Events
Laura Gabbay
Director, Major Gifts
Jose Olivo
Director, TRIO Talent Search
Jake Wenger
Director, Information Technology
Ashton Clouse
Director, College Success
B.j. Layman
Assistant Director, Advisement
Anitra Montoya
Lead Campus Advisor, Metropolitan State University of Denver
Maria Finan
Lead Campus Advisor, University of Colorado Denver
Zulema Sierra
Lead College Advisor, North High School
Emily Weiss
Lead College Advisor, CEC Early College