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HIAS is a Jewish American nonprofit organization that provides humanitarian aid and assistance to refugees.





Org chart

Mark Hetfield
President and CEO

Mark Hetfield

Rui Lopes
Chief Information Officer
Laurie Bast
Chief Human Resources and Administrative Officer
Alice Robertson
Chief People & Culture Officer
Frank Boccovi
Mark Cohen
General Counsel
Sabrina Lustgarten
Executive Vice President
Raphael Marcus
Senior Vice President, Programs
Miro Marinovich
SVP, North America Programs
Bill Swersey
VP, Communications
Melonee Douglas
VP, Humanitarian Partnership, Policy & Practice
Muluemebet Hunegnaw
Vice President, Strategy and Measurement
Rachel Levitan
Vice President, International Policy and Relations
Miriam Feffer
Vice President, Development
Merrill Zack
Vice President, Community Engagement
Naomi Steinberg
Vice President, Policy and Advocacy
Jessica Reese
Vice President, Institutional Development
Giovani Simandjuntak
VP, Budget & Fiscal Compliance
Brian Kerr
Senior Director, Safety and Security
Lara Moninghoff
Senior Director, Budget and Fiscal Compliance
Alicia Wrenn
Senior Director, Resettlement and Integration
Guillermo Cantor
Senior Director, Policy Center
Cristina Garcia
Regional Director, LAC
Enrique Torrella
Regional Director, Africa & Eurasia
Giovani S.
Vice President Finance Budget And Fiscal Compliance
Emily Primack
Director Institutional Development
Pol Klein
Senior Director Creative
Muluemebet Chekol Hunegnaw
Vice President Strategy And Measurement
Smita Rao Dazzo
Vice President Legal And Asylum