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Swissgrid is the national grid company. It is responsible for the safe operation and monitoring of the Swiss transmission grid.





Org chart

Yves Zumwald

Doris Barnert
Head of Corporate Services and CFO
Maurice Dierick
Head of Market
Adrian Häsler
Head of Grid Infrastructure
Hans Ulrich Künzler
Head Of Risk & Resilience
Philip Conradin-Triaca
Head Of Compliance
Stefanie Zubler
Head Of Legal Market & Technology
Sylvia Grisel
Head Of Legal Grid & Services
Philipp Isler
Chief Safety & Security Officer
Roger Wirth
Head Of Cyber Security (ciso)
Christoph Schwitter
Head Of Network Optimization & Planning Systems
Claude Toffel
Head Of Scada & EMS Content Management
Kaspar Haffner
Head Of Content & Ditigal Communications
Franziska Zuber
Head Of Operations Improvement, Market Operations Services
Holger Liske
Head Of Market Analysis & Reporting
Marc Rüede
Head Of Capacity Allocation Market Systems
Roger Wiget
Head Of Market And System Design
Zoran Jankovic
Head Of Market Applications
Simona di Bella
Head Of Office Services
Marcel Lenzin
Head Of Grid Delivery
Tobias Ott
Head Of Product Development
Marcel Duttwiler
Head Health And Safety
Julius Schwachheim
Head Of Capacity & Congestion Management
Oliver Haubensak
Head Of Operational Planning
Dominic Moser
Head Of Strategic Grid Planning
Jan Schenk
Head Of Project Communication
Jens Hettler
Head Of Regional Operations Aarau
Michael W. Knuchel
Head Of SAS (substation Automation Systems) Engineering: Engineering SAS
Mike Nikolic (Miroslav)
Head Of Server, Storage And Databases Portfolio
Pascal Ott
Head Of Engineering Substations
Reto Schmid
Head Of Service Desk & Onsite Support
Emmanuel Marthe
Head Of Grid Operational Support