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Org chart

Jensen Huang
Founder, President & CEO

Jensen Huang

Colette Kress
Jay Puri
EVP, Worldwide Field Operations
Debora Shoquist
EVP, Operations
Tim Teter
EVP, General Counsel & Secretary
Chris A. Malachowsky
Founder & NVIDIA Fellow
Kevin Deierling
SVP, Networking Products
Michael Kagan
Chief Technology Officer


One Team

Do what’s best for the company. We foster an environment of transparency, openness, and sharing information. One that motivates our employees, and empowers them to work as a single integrated team. We disagree openly and directly because conflict is essential to resolving differences, improving ideas, and achieving alignment. Our focus is on substance, not on style. By putting the interests of the company before our own, we can more easily accomplish NVIDIA’s vision.

Excellence and Determination

Maintain the highest standards. We hire extraordinarily talented individuals across the globe, people determined to make a difference. We challenge ourselves to do our best work. We measure ourselves not against the competition, but against perfection—we call it the speed-of-light test. We are not deterred by lengthy endeavors if they are worthy. We are playing a long game.

Speed and Agility

Learn, adapt, shape the world. We are alert and constantly learning, and adjust course to align to new realities. This lets us create groundbreaking products at astonishing speed. No politics, no hierarchy stands in the way of inventing the future.

Intellectual Honesty

Seek truth, learn from mistakes, share learnings. We operate at the highest ethical standards. We seek to accurately know ourselves and our capabilities—acknowledging our weaknesses and learning from our mistakes. The sharpest understanding of reality improves our work. Identifying the origins of mistakes is not about blame. It is essential to learning and constant improvement. We say what we believe, and have the courage to act on it.


Dream big, start small. Take risks, learn fast. We make things that delight customers and raise industry standards. We encourage employees to innovate, guided by first principles, not consensus. We know our path to discovery will be paved with mistakes. We anticipate and avoid the ones we can. We accept, learn from, and share the ones that occur. This allows us to invent things the world doesn’t even know it needs, and by doing so, invent the future.