State Street


State Street is a leading financial services provider serving some of the worlds most sophisticated institutions.





Org chart

Ronald P. O'Hanley
Chairman & CEO

Ronald P. O'Hanley

Eric Aboaf
Vice Chairman & CFO
Brenda K. Tsai
Vice Chairman & Chief Marketing Officer
Jörg Ambrosius
EVP, Chief Commercial Officer & Chairman, SSBI
Aunoy Banerjee
EVP, Head of Corporate Services & Investments
Anthony C. Bisegna
EVP, Head of State Street Global Markets
Chris Coleman
EVP, Head of Global Client Coverage
Andrew Erickson
Chief Productivity Officer & Head of International Business
Paul Fleming
EVP, Global Head of Alternative Investment Solutions
Cyrus Taraporevala
President & CEO, State Street Global Advisors
Kathy Horgan
EVP, Chief HR & Citizenship Officer
James Hardy
EVP, Chief Data Officer
Elizabeth Joyce
EVP, Chief Information Security Officer
Brian Franz
EVP, Global CIO
David C. Phelan
EVP, General Counsel
John Plansky
EVP, Head of State Street Alpha
Diana Pagliarini
EVP, General Auditor
Ilene Fiszel Bieler
EVP, Global Head of Investor Relations
Jeremy Kream
EVP, Head of Legal, Corporate & International
Martine Bond
EVP, Head of Electronic Trading Solutions
Mike Goonan
EVP, Client Executive Program
Scott Carpenter
EVP, Global COO - Alternatives Investment Services
Scott Newman
EVP, Head of State Street Bank International, Poland in Krakow and Gdansk
Marcia Rothschild
Managing Director, Head of Latin America
Andrew Zitney
EVP, CTO - Global Technology Services
Brad Hu
EVP, Chief Risk Officer
Clair Williams
EVP, Head of Global Total Rewards & HR Shared Services
Matt Daly
EVP, Chief Revenue Officer - Charles River Development
Mahi Dontamsetti
EVP, Global Head of Non-Financial Risk & Chief Technology Risk Officer
Kem Danner
EVP, Chief Talent Officer & Global Head of Human Resources for State Street Global Advisors
Sarah Timby
EVP, Global Technology Services CIO & International & Global Technology Risk Manager
Jason Knight
Global Head of Insurance
Silvio Angius
EVP & Head of Client Management