Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center


The Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping is real climate action. We are a not-for-profit, independent research and development center looking to accelerate the transition towards a net-zero future for the maritime industry. With our partners, we drive and facilitate development and... Read more





Org chart

Bo Cerup-Simonsen

Pernille Dahlgaard
Chief Officer Government, Business & Analytics
Tanja Dalgaard
Chief Strategy & Operations Officer
Anders Peter Kierbye Johansen
Chief People & Culture Officer
Torben Nørgaard
CTO, Energy & Fuels
Claus Winter Graugaard
CTO, Onboard Vessel Solutions
Christian Føhrby
Public Affairs Partner
Jens Schreiber Rasmussen
IT Business Partner
Kasper Møller Nielsen
Sustainability Partner
Molly Finlayson
Strategy Partner
Elizabeth Petit Gonzalez
Communications & Engagement Partner
Emily Nordvang
R&D Communications Partner
Roberta Cenni
Head of Biofuels
Octavi Sadó Garriga
Head of Fleet Performance
Brandon McKenna
Head of E-fuels
Ann O’Connor
Head of LCA & Environmental Impact
Peter Lystrup Christensen
Head of OVS Technology
Evangelos Fragkoulis
Head of Ship Design
Estela Vázquez Esmerode
Head of Program, Transform the Energy System
Gitte Livbjerg
Head of Fuel Concepts
Majbritt Greve
Project Manager for First Movers
Frederik Jacobsen
Project Manager
Georgios Atzampos
Ship Design & Transformation Manager
Louise Brix-Hansen
Program Manager
Kirsten Helsgaun
PMO Manager
Mira Bergem
Public Affairs Manager for Mission Innovation
Pernille Palmelund Sørensen
Regulatory Affairs Manager
Annalicia Poehler
Fuel Manager
Francielle Carvalho
Regulatory Affairs Manager
Matilda Handsley-Davis
R&D Communications Specialist
Risiana Levie
Digital Experience Partner
Charlotte Alice McGuire
Partnerships Coordinator
Johanne Lundgaard-Karlshøj
Executive Administrative Assistant
Christina Buk Vester
Executive Administrative Assistant
Theodore Talbot
Senior Economist
Michael Heimann
Interim Consultant, Green Corridors
Asha Mahadevan
R&D Communications Specialist
Ivelin Dimitrov
IT System & Data Administrator
Johanne Damsgaard
Office Assistant, Piccoline
Julia Maria Garbowska
Student Assistant Communications
Pawel Gniado
Student Assistant, Program Management
Nikoline Nilsson Norby
Student Assistant, Portfolio & PMO
Peter Klitgaard Danielsen
Student Assistant, People & Culture
Linnéa Neman
Student Assistant, Finance & Partnerships
Elena Victoria Lagard
Student Assistant
Maria Grammatikou
Student Assistant, R&D
Silvia Gonzalez Gomez
Student Assistant, Fleet Performance
Reuben Carey
Student Assistant, Regulatory Affairs
Pekka Pohjanen
Secondee, Seaspan
Christian Jurlander
Secondee Unifeeder
Aisha Matayeva
Secondee, A.P. Møller Mærsk
Dorte Kubel
Isao Uchida
Steve Huddart
Secondee, BP
Mimosa Miller
Secondee, BP
Liria Klement
Secondee, MPC Container Ships
Deirdre van Gameren
Secondee, Royal Caribbean
Jyrki Ristimaki
Secondee, Royal Carribean
Georgios Siasios
Secondee, Siemens Energy
Anais Boulay
Secondee, Cargill
Ratna Nataliani
Secondee, Hapag Lloyd
Livia Rauca
Secondee, V.Group
Ushma Ahuja
Secondee, ABS
Elvi Heng
Secondee, Rio Rinto
Martijn van den Berg
Secondee, Oldendorff
Asit Kumar Dalai
Secondee, Dorian LPG
Wijnand Bodewes
Secondee, Stolt Tankers
William Clark Liddon
Secondee, CF Industries
Rebecca Sim
Secondee, Rio Rinto
Sundeep Shaw
Secondee, ABS
Edward Francis Quill
Secondee, Stolt Tankers
Keita Nishizawa
Secondee, NYK
Emma Skov Christiansen
Secondee, Cargill
Hiroyuki Uchibori
Secondee, Tsuneishi
Yuji Kosaka
Secondee, Sumitomo
Karoline Andersen
Brand Activation & Change Communications Partner
Roberto Lago Mortensen
Communications Specialist
James Duncan Spelling
Fuel Concepts Manager
Nea Sofia Ruokomäki
Student Assistant
Fumihiko Tamoto
Secondee, MHI
Maksym Pavlyuk
Secondee, Norden DS
Ali Ebrahimi
Secondee, Alfa Laval



We are mission driven and persistent


We want to succeed together


We are passionate and compassionate


We dare to explore the unknown with an open mind