Round Hill Capital

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Round Hill is a real estate investment and asset management firm with a global footprint





Org chart

Michael Bickford
Chairman & CEO

Michael Bickford

Frank De Moes
Chief Finance Officer
Kirk Lindstrom
Chief Investment Officer
Joshua Levy
Chief Operating Officer
Chris Chinaloy
CSO & Head, Capital Markets
Sander van den Heuvel
Global Head, Acquisitions
George Craven
Group Head, Development
Laura Koskinen
Head of People
Brian Welsh
Head of Student
Marcus Eilers
Head, Residential Asset Management
John Vaudin
MD, Ireland
Arnie Sriskandarajah
MD, Round Hill Ventures
Francois De Cannart
Managing Director
Neil Burton
Managing Director
Thys Heyneker
Managing Director
Jill Hanson Rainford
General Counsel
Alexandre Gruca
Head Of Asset Development And Property Management
Paddy Ryan
Head Of Information Technology
Beatriz Valcarce Gross
Tax And Legal Manager
Melanie Collett
Managing Director
Drazen Visnjevac
Senior Vice President
Victoria L.
Senior Vice President | Chief Of Staff To The CEO & Chairman
Rajit Dass
Senior Vice President
Tushar Dewan
Senior Vice President
Jihoon Yim
Regional Head Of Asia
Joshua Fern
Vice President, Investment & Asset Management
Matias Villarroel
Managing Director
Tim Beinert
Vice President