The Aspen Institute

The Aspen Institute is a nonpartisan forum for values-based leadership and the exchange of ideas.





Org chart

Daniel R. Porterfield
President & CEO
Josh Wyner
VP, The Aspen Institute; Founder & Executive Director
David H. Langstaff
EVP, Leadership Division
Andrew Axelrod
EVP, Finance & Enterprise Business Development
Elliot Gerson
EVP, Policy & Public Programs, International Partners
Cynthia Mckee
EVP, Institutional Advancement
James M. Spiegelman
VP & Chief of Staff
Jim Pickup
VP & General Counsel
Maria Laura Acebal
VP, Strategic Development & Corporate Secretary
Lorelle Atkinson
VP, Communications & Marketing
Miecha Ranea Forbes
VP, People & Culture
Pherabe Kolb
VP, Operational Effectiveness & Enterprise Risk Management
Patricia Kirsch Kelly
Senior Director, Operations & Administration
Lissa Ballinger
Acting Director
Morgan Walsh
Administrative Assistant
Genna Moe
Regional Director, Society of Fellows
Dulcy A. Kenner
Assistant Director, Conference Service
Miguel Padró
Assistant Director
Henry Shepherd
Assistant Director, Stevens Initiative
Timothy Mason
Assistant Director, Energy & Mitigation Policy
Rachel Alexander
Assistant Director of Leadership Innovation & Impact
Olivia O’Neil
Assistant Director, Events & Operations
Nikki DeVignes
Associate Director, Energy & Environment Program
Alison Quint
Associate Director, College Excellence Program
Caroline Tory
Associate Director, Aspen Words
Katie Cassetta
Associate Director, Public Programs
Allison K. Ralph
Associate Director, Religion & Society Program
Chloé Tabah
Associate Director for Programs, Society of Fellows
Sarah Zetterli
Associate Director, Finance & Operations
Katherine Lucas McKay
Associate Director, Insights & Evidence
Rachel Black
Associate Director, Insights & Evidence
Jon Purves
Associate Director, Media Relations
Ingrid Irigoyen
Associate Director, Ocean & Climate
David Croom
Associate Director, Postsecondary Success for Parents
Neil Britto
Associate Director, PSI & Project Lead
Azalea Millan
Associate Director, Public Programs
Alessandra Phillips
Associate General Counsel
Aaron Myers
Chief Digital Strategy Officer
Alexis Ettinger
Chief of Staff & Managing Director
Dana J. Hyde
Joanna Smith-Ramani
Co-Executive Director
Michael Skoler
Communications Director
Deborah Murphy
Conference Director
Carrie Rowell
Conference Director
Eli Malinsky
Deputy Director
Tyler Denton
Deputy Director
Jennifer Brown Lerner
Deputy Director
Maitreyi Sistla
Deputy Director, Aspen Tech Policy Hub
Lisa Jones
Deputy General Counsel
Kara Stein
Becky Lewis
Director of Accounting & Treasury Unit
Bridget Hankin
Director of Communications
Evan Zislis
Director of Community Engagement
Anee Korme
Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, DEI
Colleen Cunningham
Director of Grants Management & Publications
Esther Turner
Director of Impact & Engagement
Anne Menotti
Director of Major Gifts, Strategic Engagement
Brittany Mauney
Director of People & Strategy
Desirée Beebe
Director of Special Events & Donor Relations
Sasha Borowsky
Director of Strategic Partnerships & Engagement
Sarah Haight
Director, 2Gen Practice
Robert Taj Moore
Director, Aspen Cybersecurity Group
Betsy Cooper
Director, Aspen Tech Policy Hub
Millicent Bender
Director, Curriculum
Garrett M. Graff
Director, Cyber Initiatives
Lori Severens
Director, Leadership Programs
Philip Javellana
Director, Marketing & Communications
Andrew Quinn
Director, New Voices Fellowship
Linda Lehrer
Director, New York Public Programs
Amy Kurz
Director, Operations & Strategy
Karen Biddle Andres
Director, Policy & Market Solutions & Project Director, Retirement Savings Initiative
Gene Pinkard
Director, Practice & Leadership
Devin Chesney
Director, Strategic Development
Judy Samuelson
VP, Founder, & Executive Director
Megan Bentzin
East Regional Director
Jon Solomon
Editorial Director
Tricia Johnson
Editorial Director
Eric Liu
Executive Director
Simran Jeet Singh
Executive Director
Ruth J. Katz
Executive Director
Tonya Hinch
Executive Director
Tanya Harris
Executive Director
John P. Dugan
Executive Director
Lola Adedokun
Executive Director
Richenda Van Leeuwen
Executive Director
Domenika Lynch
Executive Director
Corby Kummer
Executive Director
Tom Farrey
Executive Director
Adrienne Brodeur
Executive Director
David McKinney
Executive Director
Vivian Schiller
Executive Director
Frederick J. Riley
Executive Director
Nikki Pitre
Executive Director
Charles W. Dent
Executive Director & Vice President
Anja Manuel
Executive Director, Aspen Strategy Group
Ahnna Smith
Executive Director, D.C. Workforce Council
Norka Hilario
Finance Director
Kristine Gloria
Former Director, Artificial Intelligence
Keith Berwick
Founding Executive Director
Cordell Carter, II
Executive Director
Cinthia Schuman Ottinger
Deputy Director for Philanthropy Programs
Niamh King
Christine J. Vincent
Project Director, Artist-Endowed Foundations Initiative
Kate Jaffee
Assistant Director, Climate & Environment.
Eana Chung
Assistant Director
Jamie McAuliffe
Director, Global Opportunity Youth Network
Haley Glover
Director, UpSkill America
Beth Semel
Associate Director
Todd Breyfogle
Executive Director
Greg Gershuny
Executive Director
María Ortiz Pérez
Managing Director
Deborah Kilpatrick
Meetings Manager
Killeen Brettmann
Managing Director
Genevieve Melford
Managing Director
Marjorie Sims
Managing Director
Spring Fu
Managing Director
Tim Hatem El-Hady
Managing Director
Pascale Charlot
Managing Director
Caroline Jany
Managing Director
Ryan Merkley
Managing Director
Jylana L. Sheats
Associate Director
Lorén Cox
Policy Director
Tim Shaw
Policy Director
Monica C. Lozano
President & CEO, College Futures Foundation
Zaki Barzinji
Senior Director
Katherine Quinn
Project Play Summit Director
Shilpi Niyogi
Senior Director of Communications
Keosha Varela
Senior Director of Strategic & Enterprise Communications & Marketing
Joyce Klein
Senior Director, Business Ownership Initiative
Kate Griffin
Project Director
Leah Bitounis
Deputy Director
Stephenie Maurer
VP of Institutional Advancement
Tania Laviolet
Director, Bachelors Attainment Portfolio
Richard Stettner
Vice President
Dar Vanderbeck
Vice President
Jennifer Jones
Vice President
Monique Miles
VP Ai, Director Oyf, Managing Director Afcs, Forum for Community Solutions
Stephen A. Patrick
VP & Executive Director
Anne Mosle
VP & Executive Director
Jim Spiegelman
VP & Chief of Staff
Jane Wales
VP & Executive Director
Ida Rademacher
VP, Aspen Institute & Co-Executive Director
Ross Wiener
VP, Aspen Institute & Executive Director
Kitty Boone
VP & Executive Director
Tommy Loper
VP, Office of Operations & Strategic Initiatives
Maureen Conway
VP & Executive Director
Cristal Logan
VP, Aspen Community Programs & Engagement
Ryan Fleury
West Regional Director
Shijuade Kadree
Director, Tech Equity & the Tech Accountability Coalition
Arienne Jones
Senior Program Manager, Justice & Equity, Opportunity Youth Forum
Juan D. Martinez
Senior Program Manager, Fresh Tracks
Nanette Antwi-Donkor
Senior Program Manager, Opportunity Youth Forum
Laura Rosen
Senior Manager, Global Opportunity Youth Network
Mike Swigert
Senior Program Manager, Opportunity Youth Forum
Broderick Johnson
Engagement Manager, Tech Accountability Coalition
Shanthi Bolla
Program Manager
Caroline Kiiru
Manager, Finance & Administration
Ava Hartmann
Public Programs Manager
Tasha Overpeck
Event Manager
Shreya Singh Hernández
Research Manager, Tech Accountability Coalition
Maya Kobe-Rundio
Associate Digital Editor
Eleanor Tursman
Emerging Technologies Researcher
Emma Calkins
Program Assistant, Aspen Tech Policy Hub
Andrew Keller
Project Coordinator, Digital Equity Accelerator
Jeff Greene
Senior Director, Cybersecurity Programs
Alex de L’Arbre
Associate Director, Aspen Ideas Festival
Geneva Wiki
Director of Belonging, Meaning, Well-Being & Purpose, Opportunity Youth Forum
Tracee Fisher
Executive Assistant
Ndifreke Ikpe
Program Associate
Andrea Wagner
Program Associate, Fresh Tracks
Gabriela Carmo
Program Associate, Global Opportunity Youth Network
Sherise Tracey
Program Coordinator
Cindy Santos
Senior Associate, Strategic Partnerships
Hannah Gourgey
Senior Fellow, Opportunity Youth Forum
Bakhtawer Abbasi
Senior Program Associate, Opportunity Youth Forum & Global Opportunity Youth Network
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